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Basket Woman

We Are Still Dancing



Brave American


Echuka 24 &Eragai 21 - Baragoi, Kenya
Echuka and Eragai are good friends who have spent all day walking in 110 heat to the market in Baragoi, Kenya to get salt for their camels and goats. Their silver leaf earrings are worn by a married Turkana woman while the four cowrie shells on Eragai's hand indicate that she had a miscarriage or a stillbirth. She will wear the shells for the rest of her life.
Amnesty International

Ngawang 22 - Dolma Nunnerg, India

Ngawang's lifelong desire was to become a nun, but she could not because of the restrictions set in Tibet. When she learned of the religious freedom and educational possibilities in India she made the difficult decision to leave her family and home. She said, "It is terrible, but I could not be a true Tibetan if I stayed in my own country."

Lourdes 9 & Benigno 18 months -
Willoq, Peru

Lourdes gets up at 5 am to take her cows up the mountain to pasture before schools starts. after school she makes the three mile trek back up the mountain to retrieve her cows and returns home to help her mother cook. She carries her sister Bebigno with her most of the day. At school she currently speaks Quechua, her native language and will begin to learn Spanish next year.

    Joseph 2 - Window Rock, Arizona
Joseph traveled with his parents all the way from Window Rock, Arizona to dance in the Crow Powwow in Montana. He actually decided to start dancing when he was just 19 months old. As the first in his family to start the traditional Najaho dance, he is very representational.

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